Animal Communication

I have felt a special connection with animals since I was little.  I understood them, and they understood me.  They have given me the gift of love and acceptance, and so in return it is my responsibility to give them a voice.  

I believe all animals deserve the right to have their voice heard and have a say in their lives and what happens to them.  It is with great pleasure that I act as translator between animal and person, bridging any gaps, clearing any miscommunication, supporting relationships, and healing with love and respect.

If you have experienced a change in your animal's behavior, or if you just want to know what your animal is thinking, animal communication can give you the answers you are looking for.

Animal communication can provide you with answers to:

s  Behavioral issues
s  Physical health and wellness
s  Emotional health and wellness
s  and much more! 

Energy Healing

As an empath, I am able to feel the physical and emotional pain experienced by animals and people.  Many times, it is the emotional or spiritual issues that ultimately result in their physical pain or problems.  Being a healer, it is a blessing to use my gifts to assist all beings to live their lives to their happiest, fullest potential.

Western medicine is healing, but generally only deals with the physical issue, and not the root of the problem.  Energy healing (similar to Reiki), penetrates to the core issues, removing blocks, releasing old burdens, and enhancing the quality of life. 

As a natural alternative, energy healing can provide relief from the following:

s  Pain and inflammation
s  Circulation and nerve damage
s  Emotional distress
s  Stress and fatigue
s  and much more!  

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