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Intuitive Abilities - Clairvoyant & Clairaudient

With so many different intuitive abilities that have been labeled, I’d like to start with the basics, starting with Clairvoyant. Someone with clairvoyant abilities has the ability to “see” things (clair = clear, voyant = seeing). I’m not talking about seeing with your physical eyes, but more about seeing in your mind’s eye.

We all see pictures in our mind (think about when you daydream). An individual who is clairvoyant receives “pictures” in their mind, however the images don’t stem from the person’s imagination. Instead, the clairvoyant receives information from an outside influence, such as a guide, angel, person who has passed, animal, object, or even an environment. Basically they are tuning into energy, which for them, creates a visual in their mind.

For me, the visual comes in different forms, such as a word, an object, an image, a photograph, or even a mini motion picture. The visual could also be from a past or future event, based on the energy they are receiving.

Clairaudient translates to clear hearing. Someone who is clairaudient has the ability to hear things others cannot. No, they don’t have superman hearing. Instead, like the clairvoyant, they are tuning into energy, which is interpreted by their mind into a sound instead of a visual. The hearing of the sound takes place inside their mind and not with their physical ear. I’ve experienced everything from a ringing, humming, object noise (such as a machine or door), music, a single word, a couple of words, or even a complete sentence.

So why do I get pictures sometimes and sounds at others? I truly believe that my brain translates the energy into a form that would make the most sense for me. Therefore if a sound makes more sense, I get a sound. The same holds true for pictures.

Stay tuned as we’ll take a look at more intuitive abilities over the next several weeks.

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