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The taste and smell of mint are ubiquitous with the phrase “minty fresh,” and for good reason. The unique qualities derived from mint have been used for thousands of years by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans for their medicinal properties. Moreover, mint essential oil is an excellent source of aromatherapy to use in your diffuser due to its cool, crisp and refreshing scent.


Mint comes from the Lamiaceae family of plants from which we get peppermint, spearmint, and many other popular mint-based products. The main chemical compound is menthol, which is what gives it its characteristic cooling flavor and scent. Moreover, menthol has many benefits, primarily acting to provide relief from irritation and inflammation in the body. 


Mint is present in many facets of our lives, and the ease of its cultivation makes it a popular houseplant. Likewise, mint is extremely beneficial specifically when in its concentrated essential oil state. This is because the scent and vapor can be used in therapeutic settings to relieve stress and/or inflammation.


When diffused and inhaled, mint essential oil has been observed to have many benefits. These include alleviating feelings of stress, anxiety and boosting mental health. Moreover, this essential oil is stimulating for the mind, helps improve concentration, promotes mental clarity, and increases energy. The cooling and invigorating aroma aids with brain fog, clears sinuses and has an incredible scent to perk you up. Likewise, using this essential oil in a diffuser, the powerful scent can relieve inflammation, clear your sinuses, and reduce congestion so you can breathe easier. Moreover, diffusing this essential oil increases your circulation by opening your nasal passages and increasing airflow to your brain. This, in turn, stimulates blood flow and allows for you to have more energy and increased brainpower.  The cooling sensation that mint provides may help to soothe inflammation, itchiness, dryness, and other irritation. Moreover, the menthol present in mint encourages blood flow to the area it’s applied. This promotes quicker healing of wounds while bringing relief to any pain at those sites. If you’ve been bitten by a bug, you can also use mint essential oil as a soothing remedy for itchiness.

dōTERRA Mint Oils

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