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Terrazyme:  Your body produces metabolic enzymes from the food you eat. It needs plenty of enzymes to digest food and help cells convert nutrients into energy. However, processed, cooked, and preservative-laden foods in the modern diet are often deficient in enzymes. doTERRA TerraZyme contains a blend of active enzymes and supporting cofactors to make up the difference.* Suggested Use:Take one to three capsules with meals. Adjust depending on what you’re eating. If you’re eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, take one. If you’re eating highly processed foods, take two to three capsules.


TriEase:  Contains an equal ratio of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils to support a healthy respiratory system and help your body deal with seasonal threats.


Veggie Caps:  Made specifically for you to customize your dietary supplement needs, Veggie Caps provide a convenient and healthy way to take dietary ingredients orally.  Free of preservatives, gelatin, wheat, sugar, starch, dairy, and animal products.  Made of inert vegetable ingredients that do not interfere with digestion

dōTERRA Supplements

  • Unfortunately there are no refunds once the product has been opened.  If the product was damaged during shipping, please contact me at for a replacement.

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