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Wire Wrapping
Wire Wrapping

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Natural stones and crystals have been used throughout the ages as decorations, tokens of affection, symbols of power, and money. However, on the lesser known side, stones and crystals have also been used for their healing properties and to help bring balance to the body. The healing properties work at the psychological, emotional and physical levels. Each stone vibrates at a different frequency, therefore you will find some stones that will resonate with you, and others that may make you feel uncomfortable. I use stones and crystals in my energy healing work when intuition compels me to.


For the past 16 years I've been intuitively selecting natural stones or crystals for family, friends and clients.  In addition to the stones, I also give them a description of the properties, including all the benefits their stone has to offer.  I'm always truly honored when I hear the words "how did you know I needed that?" when they receive their stones and definitions.


Custom selected stone/crystal jewelry service includes:

  • Intuitively selected natural stone or crystal

  • Description of the properties of each stone or crystal and wire (from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall or Love Is In The Earth by Melody)

  • Custom wire wrapping in copper or sterling silver wire


Security deposit required at time of custom order.


Wire wrapping service includes:

Already have a stone you need wire wrapped?

  • Custom wire wrapping in copper or sterling silver wire


Each stone is unique in shape and size, therefore custom wire wrapping styles will vary.


*Shipping charges will apply if mailing is required. 

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