What is animal communication?

Animals use a variety of ways to communicate that are well known and accepted, such as gestures, body language, facial expressions, gaze, posturing, vocalization, and scent.  There is another form of communication that animals use with each other and with humans.  This communication is called telepathy.  Telepathy is the direct sending and receiving of information from one mind to another.  The information is sent or received intuitively, and can be independent of the animals actual behavior.

How does animal communication work?

By opening your mind and your heart, you can connect with an animal telepathically. Telepathic communication can be visual (words, images, or movies), auditory (words or sounds), feelings (emotions or physical sensations), taste, or smell. However, don'€™t expect a long conversation with the animal. They send €œbits and pieces€ of information. Think of it like pieces of a puzzle.

Does animal communication always work?

No.  You must respect the animal as a living being that has its own thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Communication does NOT mean compliance.  Depending on the situation, you have to accept that the animal may not want to communicate.

What can we learn from animals?

Animals come into our lives for different reasons.  Some are here as healers.  They will take on our burdens, pain, trauma, and stress out of their unconditional love for us.  Some are here as teachers.  They will mirror our behavior or issues to help us learn a lesson.  Whatever the reason, remember they are a blessing in your life.


Want to help animals too?  Volunteer at your local animal shelter or rescue organization.  You'll learn a lot of new things, help animals in need, make new friends, and have fun.

What is energy healing?

Everything is made up of energy.  The body consists of an energy field (or aura), which includes the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, each with its own vibration.  A healthy body has a continuous flow of energy.  When an imbalance occurs, it prevents the body from functioning normally and healing itself.  This imbalance can occur on any level (have you ever gotten a headache after dealing with a stressful situation?).  Energy healing is a non-invasive method that works to restore the balance and flow of energy on any and all vibration levels, allowing the body to return to its natural healing state.

How does energy healing work?

Energy healers use different methods to "scan" the energy field to determine where there is an imbalance.  The imbalance can be felt as a "hot" or "cold" spot, a different vibration in the energy, a lack of vibration (or void), or a block of the energy flow itself.  Once the problem is determined, the healer can then direct healing energy to the affected area to help restore the balance and promote the healing process.


Most people feel immediate relief after just one session.  However, it may take multiple sessions to fully clear the blocked energies.

What does energy healing feel like?

Each person is different, and his or her experience will be different.  Some people feel heat, a tingling sensation, temporary pain, increased pulse rate, vibration, a relaxed or peaceful feeling, a feeling of being "lighter," or sometimes nothing at all.  Feeling nothing doesn't mean that the energy healing isn't working.


After a session, it is recommended that you drink lots of water, as just like other holistic work (such as chiropractic or acupuncture), energy healing can release toxins into the body, which can make a person feel nauseous if the toxins are not flushed from their system.


Can animals benefit from energy healing?

YES!!  Animals can also suffer from the same ailments as humans.  Sometimes they take on the stress from their owners as part of the unconditional love they have.  Animals are very receptive to energy healing, accepting it usually without question or resistance.

How can stones/crystals heal?

When we are ill, our body's natural vibrational frequency drops to "battle" the illness.  Think back to when you last had a cold or the flu.  Your energy level dropped because your body was in fight mode.  Natural stones and crystals are vibrating at an atomic level.  By wearing the stones/crystals (or even having them near you), your body can absorb the healing vibration.  In turn, this raises your body's own vibrational frequency back to a normal healing state.  It's like giving your body an extra battery so the healing can progress faster.  

Do stones/crystals only heal on a physical level?

The cool thing about crystals is that they aren't limited to healing just your physical body.  Your physical body is actually the last place where the illness manifests.  If the imbalance is at the spiritual or emotional level, your spirit and body can absorb the healing energy from the stone/crystal to heal the imbalance at any level.  Plus, they look good too!

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