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Signs You Might Be An Intuitive

Ever wonder if you have intuitive abilities? Maybe you’ve experienced some things or you’ve just always felt “different,” with no real explanation why. The truth is everyone is intuitive to one degree or another. We’ve all got abilities. Some individuals have stronger abilities than others. It’s kind of like singing, everyone has the ability to sing, some people are just more naturally talented than others.

While there is no one “true” test to determine intuitive abilities, let’s take a look at some signs that could indicate it might be time to explore your intuitive side.

  1. You “know” things before they happen. You’re thinking of a song, and then it is the next one that is played on the radio. Or you know someone’s going to call, and suddenly the phone rings and it’s the person you were thinking of. Maybe you predicted a car accident, and then it happened. The point is somehow you just know about something without having any real evidence to back it up (until it actually happens).

  2. You “see” things that other people don’t see. You have visions of events before they happen (or after they’ve happened, but you weren’t at the event to witness it yourself). You had an imaginary friend that no one else could see, or you see people/entities that no one else reacts to. Maybe you catch movement out of the corner of your eye and you turn and nothing is there.

  3. You have vivid dreams that feel very real that you can clearly remember. It’s as if you are awake and experiencing things with your five senses, only to actually wake up from the dream.

  4. You’ve experienced telepathy. You felt as if you could “read” someone else’s mind or you knew what another person was thinking.

  5. You feel drained/ill around others, especially if they are ill. Another possibility is that your emotions change around others (they’re angry/happy, you feel angry/happy, without any reason for you to actually feel that way). This can also occur when the person is not in the same location as you, yet your mood changes instantly, without warning, and for no reason.

  6. Old places/objects make you uncomfortable. You experience sudden, unexplainable strong reactions when going into old buildings, especially those with a violent/turbulent history. The same holds true for antiques. Holding/touching old items causes an unexplainable feeling.

  7. You sense “trouble” without any indication that something is going to or has happened. You get a bad feeling that you just can’t shake, or your gut tells you something is wrong.

  8. You hear things that other people do not. It could be voices, knocks, high or low-pitched ringing in only one ear (and you don’t have tinnitus).

  9. You’ve experience déjà vu many times.

  10. Electronics glitch/fail around you. It could be computers, cell phones, or even light bulbs that consistently malfunction or burn out when you’re around.

  11. You’re drawn to all things paranormal. I mean really drawn, almost obsessed.

  12. You find comfort in nature or animals, especially when no other people are around.

  13. There is a history of intuitive abilities in your family.

I’m sure there are some other signs that I’ve missed, however this is a good place to get you started. If you find that you can relate to or answered yes to some of the items listed, it might be time to come out of the intuitive closet, or at least do some research. There are lots of resources and classes available that can provide you with tools to either develop your gifts, or at least learn about them so you can manage them. It doesn’t mean you have to start signing up for holistic fairs and do readings for people. All I’m suggesting is that you acknowledge what you have and embrace the gifts you’ve been given. After all, it is a part of you, and you are wonderful.

Next week, we’ll start to explore the different intuitive abilities and what each one does, so stay tuned.

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