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Intuitive Abilities - Empath & Energy Healing

A person who has empathic abilities can “tune into” energy belonging to someone or something else. Think of it like this, an empath is like a walking satellite dish. Energetic signals from all over are received by the empath, just like a satellite receives radio waves. These signals aren’t just limited to people, as empaths can tune into animals, places, or any living objects such as plants or trees.

Everything is made up of energy. The body consists of an energy field (or aura), which includes the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, each with its own vibration. A healthy body has a continuous flow of energy. When an imbalance occurs, it prevents the body from functioning normally and healing itself. This imbalance can occur on any level (have you ever gotten a headache after dealing with a stressful situation?).

Energy healing is a non-invasive method that works to restore the balance and flow of energy on any and all vibration levels, allowing the body to return to its natural healing state. Energy healers use different methods to "scan" the energy field to determine where there is an imbalance. The imbalance can be felt as a "hot" or "cold" spot, a different vibration in the energy, a lack of vibration (or void), or a block of the energy flow itself. Once the problem is determined, the healer can then direct healing energy to the affected area to help restore the balance and promote the healing process.

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