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Intuitive Abilities - Aura Reading and Automatic Writing

Auras are the electromagnetic fields around a living thing. Some people, especially children, can see this energy field with their physical eyes. It appears as a colorful spectrum around the object (for example a person, animal, or plant). An intuitive may also be able to “see” the aura using their third eye (or psychic sight), or they may be able to “feel” the energy field if they are sensitive to feeling energy.

Science has actually documented the existence of the aura using special equipment known as a Kirlian camera. A sheet of photographic film is placed on top of a metal plate. The object being photographed is placed on the metal plate. For example, a person would place their hand on the metal plate. An electrical charge is applied to the plate, and the discharge between the object/plate is then photographed. The photograph captures the aura, or energetic field.

The different colors that appear in the aura have significant meaning. The colors can reflect an individual’s personality as well as indicate where they are headed based on the color of energy that surrounds them.

The other really cool thing is that you can train your eyes to see auras. There are plenty of resources online and books available to help teach you.

Automatic writing or spirit writing is the ability to channel information from your subconscious, other spiritual beings, and entities by using a pen and paper. The automatic writer relaxes and clears their mind, sometimes going into a meditative state. Holding lightly onto the pen, they then allow the energy from their subconscious or other being/entity to flow into their hand and write information that they wouldn't otherwise know.

As with any process where you channel information from another being, make sure you are protected before the interaction.

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