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Intuitive Ability - Medium

A medium is a person who connects to and communicates with those that have passed. There are different types of mediums, but I’d like to focus on four of them: mental, physical, trance and natural born mediums.

A mental medium is a person who connects with the deceased by using telepathy. Telepathy is the ability to connect to another by sending thoughts back and forth (mind to mind connection).

A physical medium also connects with those that have passed, but their ability brings about physical phenomena into the room that can be seen, felt and heard by others.

A trance medium goes into a trance-like state (knowingly or unknowingly) and becomes a channel for the deceased. The deceased can speak through the medium.

A natural born medium are born with their abilities turned on. They have the ability to see, feel and hear spirits at a very young age.

There are a few other types of mediums, but they are all accomplishing the same thing, to help connect the living with those that have departed.

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