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Do Crystals/Stones Heal More Than Just the Physical Body?

Last week, I discussed how crystals/stones have a vibration which our bodies can absorb and use for healing. But can they be used to heal other things, such as emotional, mental or spiritual issues? The answer is yes.

Your energetic field doesn’t just consist of the physical body. It is made up of your entire being, which also includes emotional, mental and spiritual energy. This is known as the aura. Many illnesses are a result of an imbalance (or a combination of imbalances) in the emotional, mental or spiritual levels. If that imbalance remains, eventually it shows up in the physical level. Have you ever gotten a headache because you were stressed out? The stress (or imbalance in your emotional field) was the cause, the headache was the end result. Let me share an example of how this works from The Crystal Bible, by Judy Hall.

“If your symptom is a digestive problem, you could choose a Citrine point to aid healing. Laying it on your abdomen, or wearing it on your little finger, which connects to the small intestine meridian, could calm your digestion. The crystal works directly on the physical body. However, at a deeper level, digestive problems could well relate to a lack of abundance. Money worries often translate themselves into dis-ease. Citrine is the stone of prosperity. It attracts wealth and abundance into your life (especially when placed in the left corner of your home that is farthest from your front door). Wearing a Citrine reenergizes you and stimulates motivation and creativity—which brings abundance. At a deeper level still, fears around money often stem from a feeling of being unsupported by the universe. This fear is not merely emotional dis-ease, it is spiritual disconnection. Citrine’s ability to activate the crown chakra, which is where the spiritual connection is made, could enable you to strengthen your trust in the universe.”

I love the above example from Judy Hall because it really describes how an imbalance in one of the other energetic fields, can ultimately affect you physically. The really cool thing about crystals/stones is that they don’t care where the imbalance is. Their vibration is simply absorbed where it is needed, no matter what the energetic level.

With so many crystals/stones out there, how do you choose the right one? Stay tuned for next week to find out.

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