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How to Choose the Right Crystal/Stone - Part 2

Muscle testing involves using your physical body and energy and energy of the crystal/stone to determine if it is the right choice. There are many methods of muscle testing that can be used. Some of them require another person’s assistance and some don’t. Since you may not have another person with you, I’ll focus on the one’s that you can do by yourself.

One method is to use your fingers. Loop your thumbs and first fingers together as shown in the picture. Focus on the crystal/stone you picked out and ask the question “is this for my highest good?” In case you’re wondering why I ask that specific question, it takes into account my entire energetic being. If I just ask “is this good for me,” or “will this help my headache,” for example, I’m limiting the response and not allowing all of my energetic fields to be involved. Remember, the physical field is usually the last place that is affected by the energetic imbalance. Now pull your hands in opposite directions. If the answer is “yes,” your fingers will remain strong and the loop you created will not break. If the answer is “no,” the link will be weak and your fingers will pull apart easily (as shown in the picture).

The second method, which is the method I prefer, is to stand with your feet about shoulder width apart (picture 1). Hold the crystal/stone in your hands and place your hands in front of your stomach area. I like to hold the item in front of my stomach because this is where I feel those “gut reactions.” Now, ask the question “is this for my highest good?” If the answer is “yes,” you will start to lean forward towards the item that you are holding in front of you (picture 2). If the answer is “no,” you will start to lean backwards, away from the item you are holding (picture 3). If you don’t lean forward or backward, I interpret that response as neutral; it’s not good or bad.

In this method, your body is basically acting like a pendulum and leaning towards what it wants and away from what it doesn’t. The faster you lean forward, the stronger the “yes” response. By holding the crystal/stone, your body is able to tune into the vibration and respond. I can hear the skeptics, “I can manipulate the response by what I think.” The truth is you can’t. I’ve played with this in an attempt to manipulate the response based on changing my thoughts. I’ve held a stone and tested “positive” for it. After leaning forward, I’ve gone back to a neutral position and retested. However, this time, the thought in my head is “no” or “I don’t want this stone.” While saying “no, no, no….” my body still leaned forward with a yes response to the stone. I’ve even hidden stones inside of bags and had someone else mix them up so I didn’t know which stone was inside of which bag. The test results came out the same. It’s not about what you’re thinking, whether you think the stone is pretty (or will match your outfit), or whether you think you know what you need. It’s about your energetic field tuning into the vibration of the stone you are holding and knowing whether it will be beneficial or not. It takes your logical brain out of play completely.

I’ve found this works for 99% of people I’ve shown it to. Occasionally, I’ve had a few people who don’t go forward for yes and back for no. For those folks, you have to learn what their yes/no responses are. To do this, without holding anything, they need to ask the question “show me yes,” and then wait and see how their body responds (some move right or left and some go in circles). Then you repeat, “show me no.” Once you get their “yes and no” responses, you can proceed with muscle testing the crystal/stone in the same way as mentioned above. The cool thing about muscle testing is that you can do it with anything you put on or in your body (like food, vitamins, lotion, deodorant, etc). There really is no limit. You can even use it to answer yes/no questions. My husband does like to note that you shouldn’t use it on questions regarding your spouse or children (especially if they did something to make you angry).

Don’t take my word it, try it out for yourself.

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