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How to Choose the Right Crystal/Stone - Part 1

With all of the crystals and stones to choose from, how do you make the right choice?You can always choose the good old fashioned way…use your intuition. Yes, you read that correctly. You instinctively already know what you need and what is good for you, so let your intuition guide you. How? Next time you visit a crystal store, gem show, or even a healing arts festival, try this. Before you walk into the store (or up to the booth), say the statement “show me what I need for my highest good.” By the way, you don’t have to say it out loud; we don’t want you to sound any crazier than you may already be feeling by asking the question in the first place. However, by thinking this statement, you are “tuning in” and allowing your intuition, the universe, your guides, your angels, God, spirit, or whomever you believe in to help guide you to what you need.

Now, walk into the store (or up to the booth) and start looking at the crystals/stones. Give yourself time to really look at what is available. If you feel yourself being drawn to or pulled in a direction, go with it. Once you’ve looked at all of the crystals/stones available, is there a particular one that you are drawn to or keep coming back to? Does it “light up” or stand out above all the other ones? You could find yourself being drawn to different crystals/stones that are all in the same family (such as agate or calcite). Or you could find yourself being drawn to a particular color (such as blue, red, or pink). Now, I do need to mention that if you have a favorite color (such as pink), and you only wear pink clothes, pink shoes, and have a matching pink purse, you can’t use the “I’m drawn to the pink stones” as a good test of your intuition.

Once you find yourself attracted to a stone, pick it up, hold it, and see how it feels. Remember, they have a vibration, so holding it could help you decide. If you are sensitive to feeling energy, you may actually feel the vibration and your hand may start to tingle. If the stone has the right vibration you need, the sensation won’t be uncomfortable, it will actually feel good. Other possible reactions could be you feel a calming or peaceful effect or the stone heats up (literally it gets hot). The vibration, heat, or calming effect is your energetic field reacting with the vibration of the crystal/stone. If you are not feeling anything, that’s okay too.

Still don’t trust your intuition? To prove you have chosen wisely, you can move onto the second phase, which is muscle testing. Muscle what? Muscle testing, but you’ll have to wait for next week to find out more.

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