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How to Choose the Right Crystal/Stone - Part 3

If you want further validation you are on the right track in picking your crystal/stone, research is always good, especially if you have a very specific condition you are trying to heal (such as glaucoma, arthritis, or cancer). Once you’ve chosen your crystal/stone by intuition or muscle testing look it up to see what the healing properties are. There are lots of books on crystals/stones, but a great starter book is The Crystal Bible, by Judy Hall. The first edition features over 200 of the more common, well known crystals/stones. Judy’s explanations and information are detailed, yet written in an easy-to-understand format. Not only does she describe what energetic fields (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) each crystal/stone can heal, but she explains how to use them and where to place/wear them.

If the crystal/stone can’t be found in this book, I refer to Love Is In The Earth, by Melody. This book contains over 1400 crystals/stones (many of which I can’t pronounce). It is very comprehensive, and weighs about 5 pounds (I have the hardback version).

However, if you don’t have the books available, the internet is also a great resource for crystal research. You can pretty much type in “healing crystal/stone for ____ (fill in the blank).” As with all things, not every crystal website is created equal. I like to check out and compare a couple of different websites and their information when doing stone research, if the stone is not in one of my books. If I’m getting the same and comparable information from multiple websites, then I’m pretty confident about the information on the crystal/stone. If there is only one source, then I don’t give it as much weight. I’m not saying that the information isn’t accurate; I just can’t verify it through multiple sources.

The last thing to keep in mind when choosing the right crystal/stone is to make sure that the source you are getting the crystal/stone from is reputable. I’ve seen too many stones out in circulation touted to be the new “wonder stone” only to turn out to be colored glass or a dyed version of an existing stone. Dying an agate pink doesn’t give it the properties of a pink agate. In fact dying or heat-treating stones weakens them and reduces their energetic vibration. The one exception to this I’ve found is the aura quartz. “Aura quartz” is when a natural quartz crystal is put into a special chamber and bonded with other natural elements (such as silver, gold, or titanium). Due to the molecular bonding of the elements, the quartz’s color changes to brilliant blues, purples, and golds for example (see picture above). However, because natural elements are being bonded together, the quartz crystal’s vibration itself isn’t damaged. In fact, it’s kind of like a quartz on steroids because it now has the vibration of the quartz plus whatever element it was bonded too.

I hope you’ve found this information helpful in choosing the right crystal/stone. Next time I’ll talk about how you can use crystals/stones to make elixirs or salves to continue your healing journey.

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