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How Crystals Are Used In Modern Times

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Still not convinced about crystals and their uses? You are likely using crystals in your everyday life without even realizing it. Let’s take a look at how crystals are being used in modern world today.

Quartz is one of the most commonly used crystals in modern times. It has the unique ability to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Basically, when a quartz crystal is put under pressure, it creates an electrical charge which can be focused. This is known as the “piezoelectric effect.” The effect can also be used in reverse, by applying an electrical charge to the crystal, it converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. This property allows the quartz crystals to receive and process energy, and then transmit the energy vibrations outward in a precise pattern.

So how are crystals being used in technology? Sonar, ultrasound, radios, transistors, computers chips, and even digital watches, to name a few, use quartz crystals. They are also used to power the amplifiers in electric guitars, microphones, and most digital electronic devices.

Another benefit of quartz crystals is that they can produce a small electrical charge, creating a small spark, which can be used to ignite gas. They are used in many gas-powered appliances such as ovens, grills, heaters, and even lighters.

But it’s not just quartz crystals that are used. Because different crystals (such as galena and pyrite) vibrate at a different rate when an electrical charge is applied, they are perfect to use in radio transmitters. Multiple crystals are used to transmit radio signals at different frequencies.

Silicon crystals are used in every computer, tablet, cell phones, and even televisions. These same devices also use liquid crystals for their display screens.

In the 1960’s, science used ruby crystals in the development of the first lasers. Today, they are still used in lasers because of their ability to focus energy.

If you’ve ever used a graphite pencil, then you’ve used a crystal. Crushed and compressed graphite crystals make up the lead in the pencil.

As technology advances, you can expect to find even more uses for the earth’s creations. Whether you use them for healing, decoration, or just in your cell phone, crystals are amazing. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on crystals, and more importantly I hope you enjoy your own crystals.

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