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Intuitive Abilities - Clairsentience & Claircognizance

Clairsentience means clear sensing. Individuals with this ability can sense energy from their surroundings. This includes energy from other people, animals, objects, houses, buildings, and even the land itself. They "feel" energy. This feeling doesn't involve the use of their 5 senses, but from their intuitive sense. Ever had a "gut" feeling that something wasn't quite right? That would be clairsentience.

Claircognizance translates to clear knowing. This is sometimes also referred to as clairgnosis. Unlike clairvoyance, clairaudience or even clairsentience, the individual just "knows" information without seeing, hearing or feeling. For me, this was the hardest ability to initially accept. I was so used to getting pictures, hearing information, or even feeling the energy that to just suddenly "know" something without another sense confirming it was a little scary. How did I know that? How did I know that was right? Ultimately, it comes down to trust. You have to trust your abilities enough to trust what you get, no matter how crazy it might seem or how it is received.

The other thing I learned is that the more you use your abilities, the more sensitive you get. For me, this meant my claircognizance really kicked in. Now, not only do I get information directly from the animals I communicate with, but I also receive it from "knowing" which includes outside sources such as guides, angels, and the universe itself.

We'll look at more intuitive abilities next week.

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