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How Can We Use Crystals/Stones To Heal?

If you’ve been following this blog series, last week you learned about how crystals and stones were created. However, how can they help us heal? After all, it’s just a chunk of rock, right? Or is there something more? At their core, the crystals and stones are made up of atoms with rotating particles which are in constant motion. Although it may appear that it is not moving, at a molecular level, the crystal/stone is constantly vibrating or resonating at a specific frequency. This vibration is what gives it its energy, and in turn, it’s healing properties.

At our core, our bodies are also made up of atoms. Like the crystals/stones, we too are vibrating at a specific frequency. If we have an injury, illness, or issue, the vibrational frequency is weak or interrupted. However, when you place a crystal/stone near you, your body is able to access and absorb the vibration that is being emitted.

Think of what happens to you when you get a cold. Your body is under attack by a tiny microscopic virus that can’t even be seen with the naked eye. Usually, the first thing that happens is your energy level drops. Your body tries to conserve energy as it goes into battle mode against the virus. It can take up to 10 days to completely recover and restore your energy to the point it was before you had the cold. Being in close proximity to a crystal/stone that assists with fighting off the cold virus (such as Moss Agate, Fluorite or Labradorite), can give your body an instant boost of energy. Your body immediately begins to absorb the vibration, which in turn gives it more energy to fight off the virus. The more energy you have, the quicker you fight off the cold, and recover.

Because we are both made up of vibrational frequencies, it is easy for our body to accept and use the crystal’s/stone’s vibration, thereby boosting our weak vibration. We can benefit from both similar vibrations and dissimilar vibrations, depending on what our body needs to heal. Even modern medicine is realizing that there is a difference in the vibrational frequency of healthy tissue versus diseased tissue.

Still don’t believe me? Modern science has already documented the vibrational frequencies of crystals/stones. Next week, we’ll take a look at whether crystals/stones just heal the physical body, or if they can be used to heal other levels too. Stay tuned…

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