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Can We Communicate With Animals?

We all know that animals use a variety of ways to communicate, from body language, to scent marking, and vocalization. But do they communicate on a deeper level with each other and people? As an animal communicator my answer is a resounding YES! Animals have more complex thoughts and feelings that we give them credit for. They don’t necessarily have the same concerns (like do those jeans make my butt look fat?), however there is more going on than just a wagging tail or ear flick.

Animals use another type of unseen communication called telepathy. Telepathy is the direct sending of information from one being to another. Now before you start calling me crazy (or at least you’ve only said it once), let me explain it in another way. Everything is made up of energy. We are all made up of atoms bouncing around, which creates an energetic signature. Since your atoms and my atoms are different, we each have our own unique energetic signature. So does everything in the universe.

If you press a key on a piano, it makes a sound. If you put your hand on the piano you can feel the vibration from the sound waves. Saying words out loud also creates a sound wave. But what about thoughts? They too have an energetic signature. How you might ask? The brain is made up of nerve cells (neurons) interconnected by connections (synapses). These connections transmit signals which produce thoughts. Although unheard by our ears, these thoughts still have a vibration. Science has actually proven this using quantum physics. So what does this have to do with animals communicating telepathically? Everything.

When any being (person or animal) has a thought, that thought creates a vibration which resonates outward. If one is tuned in, that energy signature can be received, and then translated. The energy can be received in multiple ways such as words, pictures, feelings (physical and emotional), scent, taste, and just “knowing.” Animals use this form of communication with each other all the time.

But what about people, can we receive the animal’s thoughts? Of course! Most people are already communicating, they just don’t realize it. Let me give you an example that any dog owner can relate to. You are sitting down, and you start to think it’s time to walk Fido. Before you get up or even move, Fido is up, running around, or waiting excitedly by the front door. How did Fido know? Skeptics will say since you always walk Fido at the same time, he has become programmed to know when it is time to go for a walk. But what if don’t walk Fido at the same time every day? How did Fido know? The simple truth is you communicated the message telepathically. As soon as you thought “take Fido for his walk,” that energetic message resonated outward and Fido received it. The magic word “walk” was said through your thoughts.

On the flip side, our brains can also receive those energetic thoughts and translate them into words that make sense to us. The difference between you and I is that I’m consciously receiving and sending the telepathic signals and you are unconsciously doing it. We all have the ability to communicate telepathically. It is as simple as learning to speak another language. Of course learning will be easier for some than others, but we can all do it. Think of it like singing, we all have the ability, some are just more naturally talented at doing it than others.

How can you learn this language? Classes are available in many locations around the world. If you are near Solano County, California, check out my website for upcoming class dates. Like learning anything new, it does take practice and patience, but the rewards are unlimited. Not only will you be able to resolve (or reduce) any issues you are experiencing with your animal, but your bond with your animal will be so much deeper because you’ll have a new level of understanding.

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