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What is Telepathy?

Telepathy is the direct sending of information from one being to another. This is the form of communication that animals use with each other and with people. Since we automatically send messages through our thoughts (whether we are conscious of it or not), I’m going to focus on how we can better learn to receive (or recognize) the telepathic messages our animals are sending to us.

Telepathic communication can be received in many forms: visual, auditory, feelings, taste, smell, and knowing. When received visually, the information might come in the form of a picture (like a photograph), movie (like a 2-5 second film clip), or words (the flash of a word). The visual message appears in your mind, like a thought would, except that it is independent of your own thoughts, and appears out of the blue. Auditory messages (single word, multiple words, or sounds) are heard just inside your inner ear. Kind of like when you have a conversation in your head, you hear a voice, but in this case this voice doesn’t belong to you. Feelings are received in two ways, emotions and physical sensations. You will abruptly experience another emotion or change in mood, or a physical sensation in your body such as pain. If taste is involved, a new and unusual taste will show up in your mouth unexpectedly. So far, I’ve only experienced a metallic taste in my mouth (thank goodness considering what I’ve seen animals eat). Regarding smells, an odor (such as the scent of wet dog) might emerge or surround you.

The most challenging type of communication to describe is a “knowing.” After all, how do you explain just knowing something without being told? Yet that is exactly what it is. No words, sounds or feelings are received, but you still know the information. Knowing is intuition at its best. It is the sender, plus guides, angels, and the universe itself providing the information directly to you. Although it may seem unusual, knowing is actually the most accurate form of telepathic communication. This is because knowing is receiving information from multiple sources and multiple viewpoints, whereas direct communication is only coming from one viewpoint, the sender.

The most difficult part of telepathic communication is trust. It isn't your trust in the animal, but trusting in yourself that is usually the problem. After all, telepathy is received in the same part of the brain where the imagination resides. No matter how crazy it seems, or whether it makes sense, don't discount anything. It is really easy for us to discount things, especially if it they don't make sense at the time. Don't do it, because the message may make sense later, or as you receive additional communications.

Now that you understand telepathy a little better, you can begin to tune in and recognize the telepathic messages coming from your animals. Trust what you receive, and don’t discount even the smallest bit of information. After all, it is small bits of information put together that forms a clear picture we call communication.

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