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Transmuting Energy

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Continuing with the empath series, this week is an extension of the shielding process discussed in last week's blog. Think of this as the next step in shielding, or shielding 2.0. Hopefully, you've been practicing putting up a shield. However, instead of just deflecting the unwanted/unhealthy energy somewhere out into the universe, let's talk about how to "transmute" energy.

Transmuting is the process, where using intent, you change something negative (in this case, energy) into something positive. Notice I used the word "intent" again. When you are dealing with energy, everything is about intent.

Let's start with the grounding process. Once you've established your roots, you can take this a step further by releasing unwanted energy you already have through the roots into the earth. I like to imagine there are little drains at the bottoms of my feet. Just like a batthtub, I open the drains and allow any energy that is not for my highest good (whether it is my own or from others) to drain out and flow down my roots into the earth. Furthermore, I imagine as the energy leaves my body and goes into the earth, it transmutes or changes into healing energy for the planet. After all, if I don't want the toxic energy, it would be rude of me to dump it into mother earth without changing it first into something more positive.

Now here's where I have to make a confession. I don't shield every day, so there are days the energy from others can start to affect me. When I notice this happening, before I put up a new shield to protect myself from being affected further, I like to wipe my energetic slate clean by releasing what I've already absorbed.

The next area in shielding where transmuting can be effective takes place after your shield is already up. Remember I said that you can set up your shield to deflect the energy (away from the sender) or absorb it? Here is where I upgrade my shield to another level. If I'm deflecting energy, I set the intent that as it hits my shield, it is transmuted into loving energy that is redirected into the universe. You may be wondering why I don't transmute it into loving energy and redirect it back to the person who sent it. The answer is for the same reason I don't send the negative energy back at them. Sending energy at someone (whether negative or positive) can still be perceived as an energetic attack. The person (whether they are sending it consciously or not), may not be in a space to receive the energy, even loving energy. So instead, I send it into the universe where those who need it can receive it.

If my shield is set up to absorb the energy, instead of deflecting it, I still transmute it. In this example I like to think of my shield as a kind of solar panel. Just like when a solar panel absorbs the sun and converts it into energy, my shield absorbs the negative energy, changes it into positive strong energy, which in turn reinforces my shield and makes it even stronger. In case you haven't figured it out yet, I have a pretty good imagination with lots of visuals.

This week, try your own version of shielding 2.0 and start transmuting. Next week, I'll start discussing how being an empath truly is a gift and can be used to help others.

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